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You can freely select how long a project lasts!

We repeatedly receive inquiries from initiators who think a project must run a fixed amount of time on 100-days.net. But that’s not the case. It’s up to you to decide how long the project runs.

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100-days.net doesn’t leave you all on your own. We are there for you before, during and after your project’s lifetime. You can email us, call us (+41 43 322 08 83) or attend one of our free information sessions.

35 Reasons in Favour of 100-days.net!

We stand out amongst other platforms because we provide a wealth of knowledge, extensive reach, marketing tools and personal contacts like no other platform does. Of course, we can list every reason individually:

Reason 1: The project will be published in Ron Orp's Mail – Switzerland’s largest lifestyle newsletter. Reason 2: You are provided 500 free business cards for your project! 

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8 key questions

On the platform 100-days.net, Initiators (musicians, artists, designers... You!) present their projects and get them funded by lots of individuals, known as Boosters, for a duration of up to 120 days.
In return, the Boosters (friends, acquaintances, companies, benefactors...) receive unique goodies from the Initiator, such as a signed CD, a personally dedicated book, a mention in film credits etc. – Boosters witness the realisation of a project and can even play an active role in the process.
100 DAYS? May I run my project shorter?
Yes, you can! You decide on the duration of your crowdfunding. From 1 day up to a max. of 120 days everything is possible. Nowadays, a duration of 100 days is actually a bit too long in most cases. Remember, you will have to actively promote your project every single day while it is ongoing. So a shorter (but more intense) amount of days might be beneficial. If you want to choose a duration that isn't in the given options in the project input section, just shoot us an e-mail: support@100-days.net and we're happy to help you out.
You want to produce a film, publish a book, design a fashion collection, record an album, produce an artwork, organise an event or launch a product on the market? No matter what your project is, 100-days.net is the platform for you to present your project, launch smart promotional campaigns and attract fans who will provide financial contributions, large and small, to help turn your project into reality. Everyone can get involved!
Nothing. Once you have reached your project funding target (and only then!), 100-days.net will deduct a handling fee amounting to 9% excl. VAT(incl. fees charged by financial service providers, resp. 11% for crowdfundings in stages) of the total amount of money you have raised and then transfer the remaining sum to you.
At 100-days.net you get everything: one-on-one support, 100 expert tips, tools, tricks and templates, as well as statistics and your own newsletter tool for the duration of your project. And last but not least: the full promotional force of Ron Orp.
Three things: Firstly, create an attractive profile for your project on 100-days.net. Use videos, pictures and text, as well as creative and enticing goodies. You have to capture people’s imagination if you want them to support your project
Then: Choose your project duration and get started: Promote your project! Give it everything you’ve got, with plenty of creativity, passion and drive. And raise the money you need. P.S.: Don’t be shy!
Last but not least: use the money you have raised to realise your project
What happens if the project doesn’t reach its funding target?
100-days.net operates on the principle of “all or nothing”. If a project doesn’t reach its target amount within 100 days, all contributions will be returned to the Boosters (minus fees charged by the financial service providers), and for the Project Initiators this means “easy come, easy go”.
What makes 100-days.net different from other platforms 
We stand out amongst other platforms because we provide a wealth of knowledge, extensive reach, marketing tools and personal contacts like no other platform does. See also: 35 reasons why 100-days.net offers the best crowdfunding



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100-days.net (Ankerstrasse 3, CH-8004 Zurich) is a limited company which is 100% owned by Ron Orp GmbH, based in Zurich. The site’s managers and founders are Romano Strebel, Christian Klinner and Ron Orp.

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