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Hi from NYC

Wow, lovely boosters!
Been along while I didn’t update you.

Well I have so many good news, mostly thanks to you.

Ok, last I told you that I registered for the training.

Well, first I should say that I graduated and am now a a yoga teacher! 💪

Second, with my husband we moved to NewYork right after my training and I started teaching here in the New York franchise of the Fierce Grace Yoga - the one I got my training in London!

So all thanks to you, it worked out perfectly.

Now, when you come to New York, please meet me. Come to my class, come to my home, stay here, if needed. We are in Manhattan. My home is your home.

And I started doing yoga videos, of course dedicated to YOU fabulous people!

Check them out, let me know, what you want in the next one.

Well that’s it for now.


Registered for the training!!!! Yeayyy!!!!

Dear lovely boosters,
Thanks to you support the big dream of your fellow scientist yogi is getting real!!!
I applied and got accepted for the Fierce Grace Yoga teacher training in September!

Now I am focused on getting ready (see the pics) :D

Thank you and namaste <3

Postcards ready

Hello lovely suppporters,

Spring is finally here! And I am also full of blooming ideas for your goodies. But first one, first. The postcards are ready! Soon I will receive the prints and you should receive the latest by the end the month.

I am also collecting the necessary documents to officially apply to Fierce Grace yoga studio for the teacher training in September. Exciting times :D


Training decided!


I've got some great news to share!

I know where I am gonna get my training and I am soo thrilled! It is the Fierce Grace Yoga.
These yogis give a special emphasis on reaching out to people, who need modifications in their practice, such as people with injuries. They want to bring yoga to everyone who wants it, who has put their heart and blood in it! Oh doesnt that already sound perfect for me!

And yes we matched perfectly, I think. The studio owner, amazing Michele, was so kind and supportive. So were the other main teachers I met!

So it looks like I am going there to get my training on September!

thanks to all my boosters, of course!
and thanks to all the people who have helped in my yoga path!

thank you,
sincerely yours,

We did it!!

Dear lovely boosters,

We did it! Thanks to you, the campaign reached its aim and I am in contact with the Fierce Grace Yoga Studio maybe to get my training there. I will keep you updated. But first I would like to thank each of you!

I am so happy and grateful that I have put my heart in this path! I definitely learned a lot about yoga, my body, mindfulness but what was even more rewarding was to see that coming out and standing up for your aim does not only excite you. I realized that we are surrounded by so many beautiful people: all my teachers at Yoga Flame studio, who lighted my Yoga Fire, old friends who shared my post or who boosted my project upon just seeing it in their newsfeed, family and friends who were almost more excited than I was or determined to make my campaign go viral :D, colleagues who made my dream already come true by letting me give yoga lessons at work, people whose messages I read in tears because they were beyond supportive and people with big hearts who help to a total stranger! ❤️ I am so grateful to have your blessing! Thank you


My very first teaching!

So many nice people around us!
One of them made it possible for me to already start teaching classes to colleagues and many others have put trust in me to let them guide through my very first class!
Wasn’t I nervous? Didn’t I feel like it’s too early for me? Yes and yes! At the same time, it was such an energizing feeling.

I read recently that to understand what is right for you, check if it gives you energy or takes away your energy. And teaching certainly gives me energy! It gives me life! Vitality! So yes, it is definitely right path for me! It is my path!

Thanks for helping me out in my path. So lucky to be surrounded with you!
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101.8% Funded!


Postcards with hand-drawn mandalas or yoga poses



Tugce Bilgin
Lausanne (CH)

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