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Roman Peter
Countrywide (TH)

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(unlimited availability)
You become part of our most important support group, the grassroots: 4 children in Thailand or Indonesia will receive a book + T-shirt package from you.
In addition, all donors from this level up will have their name (optionally) listed / tagged in the thank you message on our website and Facebook.
(unlimited availability)
Advocacy in action: you’ll receive a free ebook version of the story and 9 book + T-shirt packages will be donated to children in Thailand or Indonesia in your name.
(unlimited availability)
The power to change lives: you will receive your very own Trash Hero T-shirt*, a special edition postcard*, an ebook version of the story, plus donate book + T-shirt packages for an entire class of children in Thailand or Indonesia in your name.
(*Shipping costs may apply)
(unlimited availability)
Shape the future: receive both an ebook and a signed printed book*; a Trash Hero T-shirt* and postcard*; and donate 75 book + T-shirt packages to children in Thailand or Indonesia in your name.
(*Shipping costs may apply)
(unlimited availability)
Superhero status! Receive the Trash Hero refillable stainless steel water bottle*; T-shirt*; postcard*; signed printed book* and ebook, plus the warm and fuzzy feeling of having created 125 new Trash Heroes!
As special thank you, you will also receive a personal video message from some of the children you inspired, along with a shoutout on our 80k-fan Facebook network (optional).
(*Shipping costs may apply)

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