The Dead Brothers

A new album where the dead can dance.


The time is right, dear brothers and sisters, to release new music into the world. Music to dance and cry to. Music to sing and drink wine to. It's up to us to get it out there - and up to you to help us.

Reaching Step 1 of our goal will ensure that the record is mixed and mastered by the very best: by The Master himself; the King of the Young Gods and a bonvivant with a bucket-load of savoire-faire: Bertrand Siffert.

Reaching Step 2 of the goal will release some very, very rare treasures from the Dead Brothers' box of wonders that will make dead collectors turn in their grave and get up again for!

And if we reach Step 3, you'll get a tour that will be bone-rattling, soul-shaking, and fit for a voodoo king and queen!

The story so far:

Legend has it that The Brothers recently gathered in a remote Swiss mountain village and fueled by wicked wine and strong spirits, cut a disk that merges the worlds of Richard Wagner, Dashiell Hammet and Georges Brassens.
It will not take long for the analysts to enter the scene and ask:
Is it Jazz? Is it blues? Is it avantgarde folk? Or is it simply Rock ‘n’ Roll?
The answer is: YES!
It’s all of that, tightly wrapped into an exotic little package. For the Dead Brothers, nothing is sacred and everything is profane…or is nothing profane and everything sacred?

"Facettenreiche Musik für feine Ohren." (Landbote)
"Standards can be found in many a band's set list, but no band does it like this. No band ever will, either." (Satanic Music for Good Children)
"Zwischen Saloon und Irrenhaus" (Trespass)

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