The Dead Brothers

A new album where the dead can dance.

The Dead Will Dance

Dear Backers, Brothers and Sisters,

Thank you so much for your trust and support on our attempt to fund the birth and release of our new album, "Angst". Here is what our little beauty will look like. Although we only got to our first (of three) benchmarks, this will already allow us to get the best of the best to handle the sound (from mixing to mastering), get the new album out to you and hold the secret release party so we can celebrate together.
You'll hear from us soon with dates, some questions and answers.
Until then: happy holiday season and keep dancing.

Your Dead Brothers & Sisters

Playing to the Crowd

Dear friends!
Tomorrow, with less than 10 days left to our final dash, the Dead Brothers have a secret tipp for you...
What if you were to be walking around the quaint city of Lucerne at 6pm? What if you were to hear some strange sounds echoing through the streets of the old part of town? And what if those strange sounds were the songs of... the dead?
You might want to be out in the streets.
Keep updated on our Facebook page tomorrow!

Good Luck.

30 Days left - and a rare goodie just turned up...

The Dead Brothers returned from London smelling like vinegar and ale... but after having tested three new songs on the unsuspecting audience there, we are certain that this new album will leave you, too, swaying and tapping your smartly-dressed toes.
As promised: now that we are back, the new goodie has been prepared!

Esteemed Collectors: this one is for you.
We have unearthed rare copies of the infamously unavailable album "Leftovers and Rarities", which contains B-sides, outtakes and never-before-heard songs from the Dead Brothers' past 6 studio recordings. All the darlings we had to kill in the past, united on one white album. To complete your collection - IF you decide to further support our quest by purchasing this jewel - you will of course also receive the NEW album with it. Sounds too good to be true? Only if you miss this chance!

1. until we can no more
2. five fingers
3. sweet dreams
4. cold outside
5. wind in the willows
6. dull day

1. buried alive
2. streets of baltimore
3. härz wo zieht es di hii
4. jolie blonde
5. auf dem flusse

45 Days - 45 Backers

Dear brothers and sisters,

We've had a good solid start to our grand endeavour thanks to you, our first and most loyal backers. Starting tomorrow, the Dead Brothers will be in London for a week of halloween celebrations in the city of eternal fog... what will we find amidst that fog?
One thing we found already is a very exclusive goodie which we will be releasing upon our return. Let's just say this: long-time fans of the Dead Brothers music will be especially keen on this rare gem.
So stay tuned and spread the word.
We still need all the help we can get!

Yours truly,
your Dead Brothers and Sisters

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