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Dear Ronsters, there are obviously many costs associated with keeping a website running and producing newsletters but, despite our English Ronster community being in the tens of thousands, Swiss companies see us as a niche market, and prefer alternative German-language outlets to focus their advertising budgets on. So, after having explored, and exhausted, all the other alternatives, it has finally come down to two options. The first is that Ron Orp in English will cease to exist by the end of the year. This hurts my fingers just typing it, but there it is. The other option is that if you love what i do, if you enjoy my unique view of what the city has to offer, if like being part of the Ronster community and all that that brings, then i need more that your love - i need your support.

I've always loved being a small part of your lives and sharing with you my Ron-eyed view of the city, and, from what hundreds of you have told me over the years, you also love me being your window to the city. But the times they are a-changing, and in the ever-evolving world of online publishing, the old ways of doing business no longer work.

If you decide to give to this crowdfunding effort, not only will Ron Orp English be able to continue in 2019, but there are plenty of unique goodies on offer for you to brag to your friends about.


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