Producing New Album

Recording, Mixing and Producing a New CD & Lyric Booklet


CHF 20
Early Digital Download Of The New Album!
I will send you high quality MP3 files of the new album by email, a week before its officially released online - so you will be the first to receive them! Ideal for those who don't like or use CDs anymore...
CHF 30
Exclusive Signed Copy of the CD & Booklet!
Your own signed copy of my new CD and booklet will be yours to keep and receive before anyone else! I will send you the new CD as soon as it is available, so you will be one of the first to hear it!
CHF 40
Limited-Edition Signed Album Poster!
I will post you a limited-edition, signed album poster, including a personal message just to you.... Featuring the album art designed by myself, professionally printed.
CHF 50
Credit in the CD Booklet As a Contributor!
Your name will be printed in the CD Booklet acknowledging your contribution to the album production. This will appear in all copies of the CD produced forever. Includes CD and booklet.
CHF 70
Invitation To A Private Pre-Release Concert!
You will be invited to an exclusive private pre-album release concert, where I will play tracks from the new album, which you will hear before anybody else! Also includes CD and booklet.
CHF 100
Handwritten lyrics to one of my songs!
I will post you exclusive, signed lyrics to one of my songs, handwritten by me on high quality artist paper, for you to keep, cherish and/or frame etc. You get to choose the song.
CHF 200
2-hour Lesson To Learn A Song of Your Choice!
I will give you a private lesson to learn a song of your choice (guitar and/or singing). It can be one of my songs or a cover - you choose! (Only exceptions are songs that are extremely hard to learn).
CHF 300
A Day with Me in the Recording Studio!
You will come to my home recording studio and spend the day with me as I record a new song. You will get to listen to exclusive takes that no one else will hear, and provide feedback on my new songs.
CHF 400
Star in a Music Video For One of My Songs!
You will get to feature as a guest star in a music video that I will make and produce for one of the songs from my new album. You can be a YouTube star, and help me promote my new songs...
CHF 500
Private Concert For You and Family/Friends!
I will come to your home and play an exclusive concert for you and your family and/or friends, anywhere in Switzerland. (Also available in other countries, but then transport costs will need to be covered).
CHF 700
A Song written and recorded just for you!
I will write, record and produce a song just for you, about a topic of your choice. I will then send you the MP3 for you to keep and cherish, and also share if you want to! Your own unique song...
CHF 999
Lifetime Pass To All My Concerts, Worldwide!
You will get to be on the guest list for all concerts I ever play, worldwide! So when I make it big - you can be there, for free! Clubs, bars, stadiums... (The only exceptions are weddings/private parties).
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Early Digital Download Of The New Album!



Dan Ward
Bern (CH)

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