of Roots and Wings

a documentary in Search of Home

Of Roots and Wings

a Documentary in search of home


Where is my home? And what is home? Can I make my own home wherever I want or do I have to find my place? What can I do if I’m unhappy and if I don’t feel settled?
What is it that makes a home a home? Is it my fault if I'm not feeling at home somewhere or does it depend on people, furniture and other external circumstances?

This film is exploring possible answers to the existential question "Where is my home?" that arises at some point in everyone's life.
People from different countries and of different ages, with totally different lifestyles, talk about their personal experiences and reveal how – and if – they have found their home.


The documentary ,of roots and wings' shows nine different people and was filmed in Norway, Berlin and Switzerland – where these nine people are currently living.
The stories of the individuals open a wide range of diverging views and opinions on the topic ,home '.


- Kjersti, a Norwegian dancer who has lived in Switzerland for over 20 years.

- A young family that lives near Oslo. Åsmund, the father, would like to stay there. Kathrin, the mother, wants to move on with her family and discover something new.

- Rainer is a Swiss actor and real estate broker. One of his jobs is to sell homes.

- Nicky was born in South Africa and has never lived in one place for more than four years. Now she feels she finally may have found her home in Berlin.

- Willy and Hanni are retired and live in Emmental, Switzerland. Because Willy has taken over his father's farm, he has never moved – in his 70 years of life.

- Gladys is American and has been living in Germany longer than she's ever lived in the US. Today she is divorced, her children moved abroad and she remained alone in Berlin.

- When K.D. was younger, he was homeless and had to go to jail from time to time . Now he has been running a shelter for ex-junkies in Berlin for over 20 years.

for WHO?

The film is both for people who are well-traveled and for such who prefer to stay at home, for those who have escaped from home as well as for those who feel that they’ve arrived at a place they can call home, and also for those who are still in search of a home.
The protagonists are as miscellaneous as the audience may be and promise inspiration no matter what stage of finding a home one is currently in.


Your contribution will help us to finish editing the full lenght version of the film and to bring it to the big screen.
So far we could pay the whole preproduction and the 16 days of shooting in three different countries almost completely by ourselves. Beside an invoice for the equipment of the shootings and the total production costs for the trailer, we need the crowdfunded money for the post-production. But now there are over 20 hours of footage waiting to be edited and transformed into a movie. What means that Thomas and I will spend way more than 500 hours editing. And after that we will have some more days and hours of graphic design, audio design, color correction and soundtrack composing ahead of us.
You see we will need a lot of time. And I heard that time is money. ;)

The documentary movie will be finished in 2015 and shown at various festivals, before being sold as a film/DVD later .

We would appreciate any kind of support!
Whether you choose to contribute to the film budget (boosting) or simply support it by spreading the word - we are very grateful for all contributions!
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Marielle Wittwer
Berlin (DE)

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