Multifunctional full body rain protection for cyclists!

Thanks to you, crowdfunding became a complete success!


The campaign ended successfully last Saturday with a funding of 125% - again a big thank you to all who supported the project!

Current status:

The order for the overalls has been made and the production is started.
The other goodies have been ordered. Unfortunately, the delivery will take place in January, because the delivery is delayed due to Christmas days. For those who will receive a goodie and I have no address yet, a separate email will be sent soon.

Next Steps:

Currently the size samples are being created with the different sizes.
After their review and confirmation, the final size table for the overalls can be provided. All those who get a Rain-Overall from the crowdfunding will receive the size table to indicate their size and color. As soon as the delivery date for the Rain-Overalls has been confirmed, the expected date of delivery will be announced.
The preparations for entering the market in spring 2018 are now underway.
Currently, the online shop is going to be set up, which is estimated to go online in April 2018.

Neverain wishes everyone Merry Christmas and a happy new year - stay dry! ;-)


What a day! Appropriate to the rainy day, you boosted like a hell... and the goal of at least 15k got reality - so hip hip happy! :-D

A big and heartfelt thank you to all, that made this possible, big hug!

And the story continues, please keep on supporting me and my idea with boosting, sharing, liking..

Latest News with a Surprise!


Current status of the crowdfunding campaign:
- reached over 85% of the target sum
- over 100 boosters
- including 70 Rain-Overalls
- within 1/3 of the time limit

Highly pleased with the progress, I now have a surprise ready, check it out in the new video on the project page - have fun!

Thank you!


After almost a week, the project is developing well, I finally find the time to say thank you to all my supporter:

A big thank you for your donations and support for my idea! Thank you too to all the unknown supporters and to those I couldn’t get in touch personally!

Please keep on supporting the campaign, spread the word and share it on social media!

By the way, here’s a pictures of my first self-made «pre-prototype » with cotton – summarized I must say was not as hard to sew as with rain protection fabrics… :-)

Have a nice Sunday evening and a good start for the new week!

Don’t’ know what to say…


Unbelievable – after two days since the start of the campagne, I am scratching the 50% mark – so happy!

Many many thanks to all who made it possible !!!

Havn’t slept a lot last couple of days, but it feels aswome that my idea seems to hit your needs – keep on supporting me, together we can do it !

After the „Super Early Bird“ goodie is getting sold out soon, I have launched already the next „Early Bird“ goodie, don’t miss it, there are just 20 available!

Zip, fix ‘n’ go – the new full body rain protection for cyclists!

Just started the project with an awesome kickoff event. Many many thanks to all who joined the event and boosted the project already! <3
The goal is to start producing a multifunctional full body rain suite for cyclists.
The final prototype is ready, containing all important features for everybody who is riding the bicycle every day. Also interesting for motorcyclists looking for a light wise rain protection.
Find all Details on the project site – and maybe you will be owner of that companion soon, bringing you dry wherever you go!

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125.2% Funded!


Many pennies make a dollar!



Daniel Spalinger
Zürich (CH)

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