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April 27th 2018 will be a big day for me. And hopefully not only for me, but for many others as well. On that day, I will release my debut LP «KWETU».

KWETU is a Swahili word, which is often translated as «Home». But it means a lot more than that; for we have made homes in people’s hearts, in people’s minds, in their time, in their rooms, in their homes, in their arms and in their words. So this word no longer exists on its own. It has evolved – in my head at least – now meaning

~ «the place of my welcome – KWETU».

A few more words about me...

For the last years, I have been collaborating with other artists, in an effort to produce innovative shows and promote the development of the Arts scene in Africa.

In 2008, «Jawabu» – a song of mine – was featured on the «Spotlight on Kenyan Music Vol 4»-compilation, following a country-wide talent search. The album was part of a program aiming at developing authentic Kenyan music rooted in the country’s diverse musical traditions.
Since then, I have grown as a musician and a creative professional, engaging in the development of the cultural scene in Kenya. I have hosted a number of workshops and music events, including «Mr. Independent» that coincided with Kenya’s Independence Day, promoting peace and cohesion. I have founded the annual multicultural «Utam Festival» that showcases East African arts and culture, but also brings artists and cultures from around the world to our country. I am also the creator of «Fadhilee's garage», a monthly concert in my home in Nairobi, that offers an intimate live music experience.

KWETU is a community

So far, I have been able to stage my music in Kenya, in Zanzibar, in Ghana and in Europe: In the summer of 2017, I played in Greece, Sweden, Norway, Germany and Switzerland. This tour allowed me to build an international network of supporters and friends, who are now helping me to realize my debut LP «KWETU».

Thanks to a miraculous encounter I had while I was busking the streets of Bern (Switzerland) in July 2017, I am also the official African brand ambassador for «SWINTI – Swiss International Time», a Swiss watch maker with a unique, profound perception of time.

Where does your money go?

Here is a simplified version of our budget:

- Recording (fees for my fellow musicians, mixing, mastering, etc): 5000 CHF
- Production (CD/vinyl): 1200 CHF
- Artwork (album cover, poster): 450 CHF
- Video and photography for the album release: 350 CHF
- PR, marketing and merchandise: 1250 CHF
- Album release concert (venue, sound, lighting, etc): 600 CHF
- Additional fees (shipping costs, licenses, etc): 150 CHF

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.
Thank you so much for your support! Any contribution is truly appreciated.

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