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train a rescue and emergency team in Zanskar valley

Our 100-days crowdfunding is completed!

Dear friends of Zanskar

Our 100-days crowdfunding is completed!!!
We are so much thankful to YOU, who kind-hearted and generously supported our project.

Our rescue team candidates are looking forward to start the training and we in Switzerland are busy with testing out our rescue sled, collecting the perfect equipment, pack everything to air cargo it to Delhi, finishing the shopping list for Delhi, preparing the guidelines and classes for the rescue team.

In 2 weeks, Yeshi will travel to India and go with plenty of equipment to Zanskar to prepare everything before the winter starts in Zanskar !

More news you will read in our Email-newsletter.
To make it simple we will further write only through our Email-Newsletter. We will also uploaded the newsletter on our homepage. We added all the persons who supported us on 100-days to our Email-Newsletter receiver-list.
If someone is reading this and is not yet subscribed to the newsletter and want to get it please write us on : zanskar.health.association@gma...
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Thanks once again for your meaningful support and you will read soon from us !

Yeshi & Rebecca, for the Zanskar Health Association


Thank you so much! Crowdfunding objective reached!

Thousands of Thank You!
Day 35 since we started our crowdfunding and 125% of the crowdfunding objective is achieved!

Your generosity, attention, trust, encouragements and love touches us deeply straight to the heart and gives us even more motivation to keep on working and growing in this wonderful project.

We will write you personally in the coming days to say again thank you and to give more information to those who have chosen gifts.

We are an association exempt from taxes in the canton of Uri. We are checking with the various cantons (Swiss federalism!) concerning the deduction of donations (crowdfunding) to the taxes for the donors. We keep you informed.

A huge thank you,

Rebecca, on behalf of the entire committee of the Zanskar Health Association (Eric, Amalie, Eloise, Yeshi, Jessica and Vincent, Hannes and Erica) and Zanskar Rescue Team candidates

Wow! 83% reached! Thank you!

Dear friends of Zanskar

Wow, already 83% of the crowdfunding objective reached and 66 days left ! Dear friends of Zanskar thank you so much for your generosity !

As promised we have some news from Zanskar:

Yeshi had a long meeting with all the rescue candidates. They are very much looking forward and are highly motivated. In autumn the rescue team candidates will make a big campaign in the valley to raise awareness about the new Zanskar Rescue Team.
We got the permission from the Block Medical Officer of Zanskar that we can use the government dispensary (Medical Aid Centre) in Tungri. The local Tibetan doctor, Amchi Dorjay who is also one of our rescue team candidates will get a separate room in the medical aid centre to practice Tibetan medicine when he has time.
Soon the rescue staff will go to the mountain with the Amchi Dorjay to pick medicine plants and make the medicine ready for winter. The Amchi Dorjay will play an important role in our project since he is highly respected in Zanskar valley.
We are glad that we can offer both, an allopathic and traditional medical service through our Rescue Team.

And now more about the Rescue Team Candidates:

Technical Rescue Team Candidates
1. Padma Sonam, male, 32 years old farmer and driver. He has good leadership skills and is very active.
2. Thuckjay Angchuk, male 38 years old, farmer and carpenter. He has a calm character and good practical skills.
3. Thuckjay Tundup, male 39 years old, farmer. He is a strong man and taking care of everybody.
4. Stanzin Phunchok, male, 35 years, farmer and driver. He is very active person and has good mechanic skills (which will be useful in future when the Rescue Team will maybe be motorised)

Medical Rescue Team Candidates
1.Tashi Dorjay, male, 45 years old, traditional Tibetan doctor (amchi). He is a famous and highly respected amchi in the valley and fighting a lot for keeping the traditional medicine alive.
2. Stanzin Dolma, female, 25 years, nurse student. She is a brave and strong young women who does not feel afraid to do hard work or raise awareness!
3. Pema Lamo, female 27 years old, nurse. She is getting married this summer to a man from Tungri and will then shift to Tungri. It’s one of the rare love marriages in Zanskar ! We are happy that thanks to this love we could find a nurse for our project.
4. Stanzin Naskit, female 27 nurse. Up to now she worked as a farmer in Tungri. She has a calm character and is famous for her strength.

For the technical team who will train the Zanskar Rescue Team we are glad that Andreas Ferrazzini, a young Swiss carpenter, excellent alpinist who will soon start his training as mountain guide will join us in this adventure! More details in the next newsletter.

Thank you very much!
Merci. Danke viel mol.
Many Jullay!

P.S. Zanskari rarely smile on pictures but a lot in real!

A big thank you!

Day 12 and a third of the crowdfunding objective is reached.
A big thank you to all the boosters for your generosity and your trust in our project!

In this 2nd newsletter it's time to present the medical team, who will teach the highly motivated young Zanskari's:
- Dr Christophe Huehn, specialist in internal and emergency medicine with a lot of experience in medicine and in the mountains. He has been already 20 years ago in Zanskar.
- Dr Elisabeth Marth, gynecologist and obstetrician with a lot of experience. She also has the diploma in mountain medicine. She travelled many times to Zanskar and also trained midwifes in Nepal.
- the resident doctors: Florence Hähni from Bern, has the diploma in Mountain medicine and is very active in the Alpine Club, Eloïse Magnenat from Biel/Geneva, knows very well India incl. Zanskar as well as Nepal, she is our global health passionate, Amalie Frandsen from Biel/Geneva, loves climbing, very innovative and always bringing fun and good mood into everything!

In the next newsletter we will give news from Zanskar, present in detail de candidates of the Zanskar Rescue Team as well as the expert of the technical teaching.

To continue with the same energy don't hesitate to talk about the project with your friends!

Best regards, for the Zanskar Health Association, Rebecca

Thank you!

Thanks so much to all the boosters!
Its great to already be above the 10% mark in 3 days!
To continue with the same energy don't hesitate to talk about the project with your friends!
Yeshi is at present in Zanskar where the spring is starting (cf. picture). Soon there will be a meeting with all the rescue team candidates! We will write about it!
Best regards, for the Zanskar Health Association, Rebecca

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