Himalaya Winter Rescue

train a rescue and emergency team in Zanskar valley


CHF 20
Tibetan prayer flags
You’ll receive a string of Himalayan prayer flags that are perfect to hang on your balcony or on the next mountain peak you’ll climb!
CHF 50
A letter from the Himalayas
You’ll receive a personal postcard from the Himalayas, signed by the rescue team!
CHF 100
"Momo" spices and the recipe
You’ll receive the famous "Momo" recipe and the spices to make them as delicious and authentic as possible!
CHF 200
Prayer flags, letter & spices
You’ll receive a personal letter from the rescue team, Tibetan prayer flags and the recipe & spices needed for the "Momo".
CHF 300
Knitted cap - made in Zanskar
You’ll a nice colored cap knitted in Zanskar, with the photo of the woman knitted it.
CHF 400
Knitted socks and cap - made in Zanskar
You’ll receive a pair of knitted socks and a knitted colored cap from the Himalayas. Both are locally produced in Zanskar. You will also get a photo of the women who knitted it and a thank you letter from the rescue team.
CHF 500
The complete Himalayan package!
You’ll receive prayer flags, a knitted cap and socks, the recipe and spices and a personal letter from the rescue team!
CHF 700
Your name on over 6000m!
On the next ascension to a 6000m mountain, Yeshi will hang up prayer flags with your name on the summit. You’ll receive the picture of the flags flying in the wind.
In addition, a personal thank you letter from the rescue team, prayer flags for you and a knitted cap from Zanskar.
CHF 1,000
We cook Momos for you & personal photo presentation
We’ll cook the delicious "Momos", a traditional food of the Himalayan region, at your convenience, at our place or yours. This include a personal photo presentation of the project.
CHF 2,000
The total package !!!
We will hang up prayer flags with your name on over 6000m and you’ll receive a personal thank-you letter from the rescue team and a knitted cap from Zanskar!
CHF 3,000
Zanskar at home !
You’ll receive a photo calendar of the project, a DVD of the movie about the project, a comfy Yak wool blanket and a singing bowl !
CHF 4,000
Incredible !! Come to Zanskar!
We’ll organize a trip of 2-3 weeks for you to see the project on the spot and get to know the rescue team in person. Free of charge are: organization fee, guiding, accommodation & dinner with a family in Zanskar. Not included are: flight, hotel, taxi and food in the restaurant. Valid for 2 people. Season: Summer
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10,797 12,220
122.2% Funded!


Tibetan prayer flags



Rebecca & Yeshi Dorjay Hertzog
Zanskar (IN)

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