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Ueli Scheuermeier
Tanzania (TZ)

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(unlimited availability)
Each contributor we will gladly take up in our distribution list of the FARIP newsletter that explains in detail what FARIP does.
(unlimited availability)
FARIP is a foundation that is tax-exempt in Switzerland. On request from any booster we will gladly provide a tax-exemption certificate.
(unlimited availability)
Each booster will get a photo of the farming family along with the container which could be installed in their house due to his/her contribution. With names and exact locations, along with how contact can be taken up with them.
Planned delivery date: September 2017
(unlimited availability)
Ueli Scheuermeier will give a talk and discussion on TBMs venture and explain details. Also on other African venture ideas supported by FARIP. This will take place in London. You will be invited to the talk along with your friends. (Please provide your mailing adress in comments to your contribution so I can contact you).
Planned delivery date: June 2017
(10x available)
We will visit you in July anywhere in the southern England area und and explain in detail how this venture by TBM emerged, in what environment it is embedded, how TBM intends to further scale up and thereby service more farming families in Tanzania so that they can earn money while also earning money as TBM, and what future investment opportunities might present themselves. We can also talk about further ventures FARIP is supporting. Best is if you invite some friends to the meeting. (Please indicate your emailaddress in the comments to your contribution so that we can take up contact with you in time to organize the meeting).
Planned delivery date: July 2017
(5x available)
The person who in each stage contributes the most TBM staff will take along on one of their trips to Msowero of several days. Accompaniment will be available from Daressalaam airport to Msowero and back, on local buses and taxis. FARIP takes care of supervision and prepares the person for this trip.
Planned delivery date: August 2017

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