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Kristian Skeie
Kristian Skeie
Le Mont sur Lausanne

I am photographer and have been working over the past 4 years on the topic of Life After Genocide, specifically in Srebrenica in Bosnia and in Rwanda. As a result of visiting the village of a friend and genocide survivor in Rwanda. We met with his friend Janvier. Meeting her made a strong impression. She was 31 years old and had barely been out of bed as she had been paralysed from neck and down after the people committing genocide threw her into a pit. She was a small girl, only 11 years old in 1994. With this project materialising, we will be able to hep Janvier and make a difference to her everyday life. Should we have any money left over, it will be used to help others in the community where Janvier lives. There are many, particularly women and children, in need as many survivors live in this community as there is a hospital nearby.

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